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Alas! The One That Evil Brings: Fate of Vaeldor

Vaeldor Book 1

Can evil truly be destroyed? Or does it lie dormant, awaiting its next victim? It can sleep for over a thousand years; it is patient. With promises of power unmatched, can any mortal resist its seduction?

Might and Strength of Evil Bone: Fate of

Vaeldor Book 2

When evil is destroyed, it dies... Right? No one lives forever. Not even elves. Yet a necromancer has resurfaced after a thousand years; a robed skeleton with a single glowing eye.

Eyes Open In Shadowy Hall: Fate of Vaeldor

Book 3

Eyes Open in Shadowy Hall... The final line of the Prophecy of Trannum, and a common theme driving Selanna's dreams. Every morning before waking, she relives the moment they destroyed the skeletal wizard.

Customer Reviews

I cannot get my hands on the next book soon enough! Downloaded it as an easy read for my flights, but I could not put it down after I landed. This is a great read & I will certainly be on the lookout as the trilogy unfolds.


Let me start by saying I’m not a fan of fantasy, I bought this book for my husband… he finished it in record time, it was laying on table, since I was finished with my current book, I picked it up and gave it a try. I was hooked within the first 30 -50 pages the characters and story come to life right away. You feel like you’re right there with them! Bottom line… this book changed my opinion of fantasy novels and I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series !!!


I’m a very picky when it come to books but hands down this is one of the best books I’ve read! Thanks for this journey!!


I don't like spoilers, so my review will be free of them. Like the first novel, Alas! The One that Evil Brings, the reader is drawn into the world of Vaeldor. I was introduced to new heroes, along with ones from the previous book, who face the terrors brought on by the evil necromancer. And like book one, I had my favorites from those new characters. Each one has their strengths, weaknesses, and some of them have secrets. The battles are incredible. And boy, are there *battles*! New, creative creatures are introduced. New challenges. And yes, the emotions are still there. I found myself laughing again, and even weeping a little. I even got chills at some parts. The introduction of new characters finding their place in this war might give the feel of the beginning of a series, but when this story starts decades after the end of the first, it's understandable. There was a need to learn about these new heroes. The book ends well. Solid. And I'm really looking forward to the third. Definitely curious.